About Us

Two Oceans PTY, LTD. We are an Agent Logistics and Customs Worldwide. We have over ten years in the market, Import and Export, for shipments in intact containers and Loose Cargo. In turn integral part of a chain of companies that have prevailed during the constant journey of a world economy. Today we have reached firmness and reliability to provide you a safe, regular and direct service from the United States, Central America, South America, Europe and East. Counting with qualified staff, which is characterized by professionalism and personal attention to each of our clients, who with great dynamism, tenacity and vitality, have made this company, important and dedicated. A full team ensures that the handling of our offered services and documents is performed by an effective issuing the clearance of goods accurately, creating a positive environment where our employees can work in partnership and our large and small clients can provide the highest quality of personalized service without exception. Our commitment is to meet the requirements, procedures for each of our clients since our existence, progress and success depends on each of you.